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Why we went

We never thought this day would come that the war would break out. While we continue to look forward for peace, we decided to do something for the vulnerable people affected by the war. 


We have since visited Ukraine twice, and witnessed first-hand the devastation of the land and the suffering of the people in the war zones.


Our team is passionate about transforming the lives of those who are the most overlooked in the Ukrainian society.

How we help

We are meeting some of the most pressing needs through a rehabilitation shelter that offers a wide array of medical, social, psychological, educational and therapeutic services.

This shelter helps pregnant mothers who have lost their husbands. It offers counselling, medical, financial, emotional and spiritual support to women making life-defining decisions.  


We also offer medical, therapeutic, educational, psychological, spiritual and social services to children with special needs and their families. 


Love On Ukraine rebuilds existing buildings that were damaged, and builds new homes. 


We aim to provide housing and rehabilitation solutions for the most vulnerable ones that have been badly impacted by the war. Many have no access to heating and running water, the imminent harsh winter will bring challenges that pose another real threat to lives.

You can help too!

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