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You can choose to help Ukraine, wherever you are, whoever you are

With war cratering the Ukrainian economy, destroying homes, and making it hard to survive, you can make a difference.

What we do

We serve the displaced and disabled in Ukraine by building homes, providing humanitarian aid, creating employment opportunities and supporting them emotionally

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Project Lighthouse

'Project Lighthouse' aims to bring light into places of darkness in practical ways.

Local churches and community leaders open up their church premises, care centers, orphanages and shelters with the following items offered that they can provide for people in need: 

(a) diesel generators

(b) heaters

(c) satellite internet

(d) food and medical supplies

(e) counselling and prayers

Generators are also provided to identified hospitals to help with much needed power for operating needs.

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Emergency Homes

With the war situation that has been going on, 85% of villages and infrastructure had been destroyed, resulting in Ukrainians losing both their jobs and homes.

Proceeds of the emergency prefabricated houses aim to provide local employment and houses to live in.

These (insulated) houses include:

(a) a kitchen and toilet

(b) is winter-proof

(c) is relatively bomb-resistant

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Vulnerable Groups

We have identified two main groups in this most difficult time:

(a) pregnant mothers who have lost their husbands

(b) people with special needs/disabilities

We hope to extend financial, social support and counselling services to helpless mothers who struggle with the decision to abort their unborn babies. 


Food, infant care and medical supplies are provided to address the immediate concerns of the lack of basic needs.


Audio Bibles

We want to distribute as many audio bibles to people with no access to them, such as frontline soldiers and vulnerable elderly with little mobility.

In wartime, a simple gift can bring a lot of joy and comfort, especially to a child suffering trauma. We are giving out audio bibles in the form of a sheep soft toy for Ukrainian children. The sheep serves as a trauma therapy aid for little children as well. 

Who we are


Rudy is a Singapore-based professional architect who has worked on a myriad of commercial and community development projects over the world. With his expertise, he brings down the original cost of an insulated house from Euro 16,000 to Euro 4,000; and continues working with local Ukrainians to implement emergency housing projects in the villages, and identifies infrastructural projects needed for the local communities.

Bao Yan

BaoYan is an entrepreneur who has vast experience using business as a social catalyst to improve and empower displaced and marginalized communities across Africa. She leads and coordinates international efforts into Ukraine, and develops employment opportunities at the grassroot level.


Stacey is an educator with over 20 years of experience working cross-culturally with international students, and is a professional trauma-informed counsellor. With strong desire to work with vulnerable people groups, Stacey brings much-needed help to Ukrainians who have been afflicted by the war.


Devi is a coach with main focus on persons with different abilities/ special needs (physical and mental) and, over the years, has also amassed unique experience working with people living in community and residential settings. Relevant to our ongoing works in Ukraine, Devi oversees efforts to empower people in similar circumstances and their caretakers.


Sandy is an accomplished dentist. She was born in the Ukraine but her parents immigrated to the US when she was a child. Together with her husband Bob, they have been actively leading various non-profit works in The US for decades. They continue to oversee and incubate efforts from The US into our works in the Ukraine.

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