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You can choose to help Ukraine, wherever you are, whoever you are

With war cratering the Ukrainian economy, destroying homes, and making it hard to survive, you can make a difference.

What is happening in Ukraine?

Without adequate housing, food, and money to buy basic necessities, many Ukrainians may find themselves in dire situations this winter

Few economic opportunities


Lack of hope


Risk of hypothermia


Every Ukrainian matters. 

What we do

We serve the displaced and disabled in Ukraine by building homes, providing food aid, and creating employment opportunities


Providing long term social-economic opportunities

We want to empower families to rebuild their lives for the longer term. Beyond providing them food and shelter, we are creating opportunities whereby they can work, earn money, and secure their future.


Building homes

We are rebuilding insulated homes for the Ukrainians to stay in. Many of their homes have been destroyed in the war.

In addition, we are also looking into building shelters for the disabled, those with special needs, who have nowhere else to go.


Feeding the vulnerable

We support single mothers struggling financially with food, diapers and milk powder.

In addition, we are supporting those with intellectual and physical disabilities with food, and basic necessities.

You can help too


Feeding 1 person costs €30 a month. 

Providing for a Ukrainian family of 4 with toiletries, food, and other essentials costs €120 a month. 

Building a home for a Ukrainian family of 4 costs SG$4000. 

What you do matters

You can make a difference

Every little counts, no matter how little you may think it is. 

You can stand with them

One person we met told us, 'Thank you for coming.' We wondered why.


She continued, 'Thank you for not forgetting us. We thought the world has forgotten us.'

You can empower them

When we come alongside Ukraine, we are not just helping a nation. We are in fact helping individuals who have hopes, dreams and dignity - children, single mothers and those with special needs.

What can you do?

Who we are


Rudy is a Singapore-based professional architect who has worked on a myriad of commercial and community development projects over the world. With his expertise, he brings down the original cost of an insulated house from Euro 16,000 to Euro 4,000; and continues working with local Ukrainians to implement emergency housing projects in the villages, and identifies infrastructural projects needed for the local communities.

Bao Yan

Baoyan is an entrepreneur who has vast experience using business as a social catalyst to improve and empower displaced and marginalized communities across Africa. She leads and coordinates international efforts into Ukraine, and develops employment opportunities at the grassroot level.


Stacey is an educator with over 20 years of experience working cross-culturally with international students, and is a professional trauma-informed counsellor. With strong desire to work with vulnerable people groups, Stacey brings much-needed help to Ukrainians who have been afflicted by the war.

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