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Our Mission

Houses in Time for Winter

We provide insulated housing for the elderly, the physically-challenged, and families with young children.


They are fabricated in factories, delivered to the villages and installed by local Ukrainian men – an intentional decision to further create employment for Ukrainians. 

Humanitarian Aid

​We are supporting 500 single mothers through pregnancy. 

We are helping 1,000 physically-handicapped children with weekly food and medical aid.

Updates on Mission

Our goal is to build 500 houses for the most vulnerable families in Ukraine who have lost their homes & will be badly affected by the upcoming winter.

We aim to support thousands of physically handicapped children affected by the war by providing food supplies & medical aid.

There are many pregnant women who have lost their husbands in the war. They now face poverty and desperation.We want to support them through this difficult period.

 It’s worth telling them:

“You’re not alone.

We will stand with you.”

Your giving towards ongoing efforts will be handled by All Good Gifts Limited, and receipts will be provided.


Thank you for your generosity. 

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Houses in Time for Winter

While millions have fled the country, those who have remained, are often the most vulnerable people groups, who were unable to travel. 


Villages in the war-affected areas, like Moschun, are about 85% destroyed.


Our team has identified these vulnerable individuals and families and is working hard to support the construction of 500 houses for them. Secure housing is critical as winter is fast approaching, and temperatures can drop to -20 deg Celcius. 

The team is aiming to build 500 prefabricated houses in time for winter for 500 families. 


  • Each house, which is 20 by 10 feet, costs SG$5712. 

  • The cost of the house goes towards the employment of locals who have been disadvantaged or unemployed because of the war. 

  • The house includes a kitchen and toilet.

  • It is built to be winter-proof and it is relatively bomb-resistant too.

Humanitarian Aid

Working with local partners on the ground, we are supporting two vulnerable groups of people in this difficult time.


Firstly, pregnant mothers who have lost their husbands. We are offering extended financial and practical support to women who are deciding whether to keep their unborn child. 


Secondly, children with special needs. We bring dignity and hope to children with special needs and their families through financial and social services for them.

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